About Us

The inspiration for Soyokaze grew from our love of massage and facials and its ability, once turned over to the hands of a truly gifted therapist, to provide an escape from the day-to-day world.

We have carefully crafted the atmosphere of Soyokaze by reflecting on a culmination of experiences found around the world. We eliminated all elements we felt were distracting, and enhanced what was left by adding our own personal touches. We believe that we have crafted the perfect relaxation experience.

We encourage you to make your escape from the moment you walk in the door, allowing us to provide you with a distraction-free environment where you can simply relax and let the outside world slip away.

We invite you to experience the difference, enjoy the moment, relax and breathe deep…


Covid-19 Update:

+We have UV and ionic air scrubbers that are specific to reducing allergens, particulates, and viruses in the air.
+We have a fully touch-less hand washing station for client and therapist use. You will be asked to wash your hands prior to session.
+We are continuing our intense sanitation protocols, including but not limited to: entire room turn overs, consistently disinfecting common areas, and expanding time between sessions for full room disinfection.
+We ask that you please wear your mask while in the lobby and hallways, as we have limited space and may have other clients present. Your therapist will be wearing a mask during your appointment, though, so you can remove yours and breathe easy.
+We ask that new clients call upon arrival, and may ask for new client intakes to be done in the car to minimize lobby crowding.
+We have a fully touch-less check out process available for cards and gift certificates, and ask that cash be used as a last option.

Monthly Memberships

In the simplest of terms, our membership program is designed for those looking for an "excuse" to get a massage at least once a month.

  • No annual membership or sign up fees.
  • Memberships are month to month and you can pause or discontinue at anytime, no questions asked.
  • No transference restrictions on membership certificates.

You simply sign up with your preferred credit card and a digital gift certificate will be applied to your account each month on the 1st or 15th at our membership rate. All gift certificates, membership or not, can be redeemed with its issued number, even if a physical gift certificate has been misplaced. 

The best part about our membership is that you can do whatever you desire with your certificates each month. We are the only known membership that allows you to give your gift certificates to whomever you choose for whatever reason, without fees or fine print. 


Soyokaze is an appointment-only studio. It is best to call us as soon as your schedule is known so that we can best accommodate your preferred date and time. When scheduling at Soyokaze, you will be asked preferred length of facial or massage, and if scheduling for a massage, if it is for relaxation or deep tissue, or preferred pressure.

Our relaxation massage is designed to employ light to medium firm pressure to quiet the mind and let you slip into a state of total relaxation.

Our deep tissue massage employs medium firm to firm pressure and works under the first layers of the muscle to break up lactic acid that causes discomfort and knots. It is a common misconception that deep tissue must be painful in order to be effective - this is not the case. Soyokaze's deep tissue program aligns with our overall philosophy, providing relaxation while working on the deeper layers of muscle to provide relief. We pride ourselves on being able to provide relief from tension in overworked muscles without causing physical pain. Please keep in mind that long term or chronic issues will more than likely need multiple appointments in order to see improvement.

A valid credit card or gift certificate number is required for all reservations. Credit cards will not be charged at time of scheduling, and other payment methods may be used at check out. Cards and gift certificates are held on file to adhere to our Cancellation Policy.


For your first appointment, kindly arrive fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled start time, as we do have a first-time client intake form to be completed before appointments can begin, as well as a consultation with your therapist.  If you are a returning client, kindly arrive five to ten minutes prior to ensure that your appointment starts on time.

Please note that Soyokaze guarantees appointment hands-on length of time. However, if you arrive more than 15 minutes after your scheduled start time, please be aware that the appointment may be subject to shortening in order to respect other scheduled appointments' start time and duration. If you arrive more than 30 minutes after your scheduled start time, the appointment may be subject to our Cancellation Policy.

Environment and etiquette 

Soyokaze strives to be a space in which you can come to fully relax. Appointments are continuously occurring, so please keep conversations quiet when in the lobby, hallways, or Relaxation Room. Cell phones are best turned off or onto airplane mode, as even vibrations can break your state of total relaxation.

As a scent-neutral environment, kindly leave strong perfumes and colognes off when coming in for an appointment. We are a blank canvas for you to float away in and we appreciate your help in keeping our environment neutral for all guests.


Feel free to arrive in whatever clothing you are most comfortable in. A robe is provided in case you need to use the restroom during your appointment, or if you are changing rooms for a second service.

When you enter the room, there will be a chair in the corner to set your personal belongings on. A small dish is provided on the side table for any jewelry or small personal items. We understand that it can be hard to "wake up" after a relaxing experience, so we suggest leaving valuables at home. Please take extra care to collect all of your belongings prior to exiting the room, as we cannot be responsible for personal items left behind.

You will dress down to your comfort level, and then lie under the top sheet and brown blanket. Draping is used during all appointments. Only the section being worked on at the time will be uncovered at any given time, so you will never be exposed during your appointment.

All tables are heated. Should you have sensitivity to heat, please notify Soyokaze prior to your appointment.

Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel or reschedule, please notify the studio 24 hours in advance to allow us to schedule another client during that time.

Any cancellations with less than 6 business hours notice will be charged the full value of the scheduled service. Clients who no show on their appointments will be charged the full value of the scheduled service. All clients are given an email confirmation, email reminder, and the option of receiving a text reminder two hours before their scheduled start time in order to avoid missed appointments.

When scheduling an appointment with Soyokaze, you are agreeing to these policies.



Monday to Friday | 9am to 8pm
Saturday | 9am to 7pm
Sunday | 9am to 7pm


(972) 775-8998

By Appointment Only

Phones are also answered outside of
regular business hours from 8am to 8pm

in order to maintain work-life balance for
our team. Please leave a voicemail if
calling outside of these hours.